We organize a variety of courses for professionals and non-professionals. Our instructors have broad experience in electrical planning, construction supervision, electrical inspections and up-to-date knowledge of electrical regulations.

Our course variety includes following subjects:

    • Electrical safety SFS 6002
    • Electrical safety refresher course SFS 6002
    • First aid (SFS 6002 certified)
    • Live work with max. 1000 V installations
    • Occupational safety
    • Electrical safety inspection training course
    • Machine safety SFS 6002
    • Apex-directives
    • Electrical safety knowledge for non-professionals
    • Practice courses for electrical safety exams
    • Learning course for wiring diagrams
    • Electrical safety info packages
    • Training in electrical fire prevention

Our regular courses are in Finnish and Swedish, and are held at our business premises in Kokkola. We also arrange tailored courses at our customers’ preferred location.


Jouni Känsälä

Branch director and sales, Electrical and Machine safety, training services and electrical inspections

Kenneth Grankull

Chief of electrical planning