We recognize our responsibility for the environment and the community, and our goal is to produce services according to the principle of sustainable development. We are committed to acting responsibly in our areas of business.


Our long-term goal is to achieve carbon neutrality in our operations by 2030. We are prepared to reduce the environmental burden caused by our operations and direct our purchases to more environmentally friendly alternatives in accordance with our sustainability plan (ESG). Eco-friendly thinking is part of our everyday life, every choice and idea brings us closer to the goal.



Our job is to constantly improve the well-being of our personnel. With the help of personal career planning, we aim to promote a long and meaningful working career in our company. We constantly improve operating methods, guidelines, management practices and safety culture at Apex Automation. We are aware of the changing expectations of working life and change our operating methods to meet them.




Our principle of good governance includes sharing of knowledge to our clients, staff and stakeholders. The principle of completion is a key factor for our customer satisfaction and our company’s reputation.

Our management committed to continuous development of the operational process. We recognize improvement opportunities, and reserve time and resources to key personnel for process development. Our key personnel get time and resources to implement improvement opportunities for process development.





Our goal is to be a carbon neutral company by 2030. We report annually on the development of carbon footprint and refine our calculations based on new information.


Our Sustainability Report is currently available in Finnish.

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