Cost-effective automation and electrification solutions for a high level of hygiene environment

Our automation and electrification solutions are cost-effective and meet the requirements for a high level of hygiene environment. We have carried out several projects for dairies, the meat processing industry and beverage industry. We have worked with new establishments, extensions of the existing facilities and system renovation projects.

In the food industry, automation boosts production and improves profitability. A machine monitoring system is one way to closely monitor product quality. We make control systems for storage, and conveyor and collection solutions. Nowadays a safety program for production is an important part of the project. Our references include an automatic high-rise storehouse with conveyor & collection and storage terminal systems.

Our software products for the food industry:

  • ApexInfo – Information displays
  • ApexKoRiHa – Machine safety analysis
  • ApexWebRap – Reporting system
  • ApexSMS – Text message alerts


Marko Kiviniemi

CEO, Sales